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Farewell and Best Wishes to Brook Trumm

Percussionist Brooke Trumm to Attend College in New York

Trouble with Trebles is sad to announce the departure of Brook Trumm, our fantastic percussionist, who is leaving this month for New York, where she will attend college. We are very happy for her, but will miss her greatly.

Brooke has been an invaluable part of Trouble with Trebles — she has the power to ignite a fire under any song with just her two hands and a drum kit. Not only is she an incredible performer, she is a team builder, music creator, and valued friend.

To put her down as just a percussionist would sell her far too short. She not only added life to our music through drumming, she added it through analysis and advice during rehearsal, something only a well trained musical ear can do.

Though she will be leaving for New York all too soon, she will always be with us through her helpful words and friendship. We love you, Brooke! Thank you for everything you have done for our group!

Brooke Trumm, percussionist