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A vocal group located in the Portland, Oregon area.

Meet the Trouble with Trebles!

We're a group of ladies who love music, love singing, and really enjoy performing together!

Treble Clef - Gold
Emily Raymond, Soprano, Trouble with Trebles

Artistic Director,
Founding Member,

Susan Keesee, Alto, Trouble with Trebles

Booking Rep.,
Equipment Manager,

Tracy Trathen, Soprano, Trouble with Trebles

Web & Graphic Design,
Music Arranging,

Rebbeca Guyot, Alto, Trouble with Trebles

Style Advisor, 
Music History Research

Myrna Trathen, Accompanist, Trouble with Trebles

Myrna Trathen


Rehearsal Coordinator,
Music Arranging,

Sara Yen, Soprano, Trouble with Trebles

Sara Yen


Music Arranging

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Performances and Events during the Pandemic

Because of COVID-19, we are looking to do events where we can sing for you with social distancing measures in place. Please reach out if you have questions or are interested in booking us for your "social distanced" event!