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A vocal group located in the Portland, Oregon area.

Myrna Trathen

Accompanist • Rehearsal Coordinator • Music Arranging

About Myrna

​I grew up during the 1940s with wall-to-wall music via family, elementary school, church congregations, and 1940’s radio. There were no modern media whatsoever, but there was an old Victrola with records at my aunt’s house. There was also participation. Everyone sang, often with four part harmonies. It was the way life was.

The musical adventures I have had since the Victrola include high school and college choirs; high school and college musicals; singing in and directing community and church choirs; multiple church worship teams and performing art productions; and over three decades of teaching piano. I sing, play, arrange, and teach, but what I love the most is encouraging people and tweaking things in order to foster growth in individuals and in groups. This requires people who value teamwork, have a desire to learn, and are willing to try. TWT (Trouble with Trebles) is that kind of music ensemble, and I feel privileged to be a part of them.

In addition to music, I like tutoring, playing MMORPGs on my computer (you do not want me in your dungeon group), doing algebra problems, reading mysteries, and laughing for hours around a table with a bunch of ladies. TWT (& co.) fills this bill nicely also – they are often a party waiting for a place to happen.

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