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A vocal group located in the Portland, Oregon area.

Tracy Trathen

Web & Graphic Designer • Music Arranging • Librarian

About Tracy

My mom claims that I could sing before I could talk. True or not, Mom taught me how to sing harmony by ear as well as how to read music, so I had the best of both worlds growing up. I’ve always been involved in singing in one way or another. In fall of 2013 I joined the Conchords Chorale where I met several members of this group, the Trouble with Trebles (TWT). That following spring, I was invited to join TWT, and I jumped at the chance.

“Music to me is like breathing –
I don’t get tired of breathing.
I don’t get tired of music.”
~ Ray Charles

What do I do outside my musical endeavors? I’m a Visual Designer (web and graphic design). I own and manage my design business, e design studio, LLC where I build websites for small businesses, organizations, and individuals. I designed the group’s logo as well as the website. Additionally, I’m an avid hockey fan – in particular I spend many nights every month during hockey season rooting for our Portland Winterhawks Hockey Club. My niece and I like to yell, “Let’s go Hawks!”

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