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A vocal ensemble located in the Portland, Oregon area.

Xeolarah ‘Xoe’ Jordan

About Xoe

I am always singing. As a child I would create my own lyrics to favorite tunes on the radio. In school I was a dedicated choral student. I went to every after school program offered in Billings, MT, while also enjoying the privilege of multiple class trips with in-depth training opportunities. Singing in a choir is a euphoria like non other. In high school I discovered the guitar. I started singing and playing for my church on Sundays.

After I left college I traveled to Maui. I lived a simple life where sunset beach jams were my normal routine. Acoustic guitars and hand drums, crashing waves and crackling fires filled every night. Upon returning to the mainland I discovered touring jam bands. I joined several trips as a guest star across the west and east coasts playing at festivals and summer events.

My truest passions emerged as I explored what is America’s music festival scene. The imagination and collaborative effort of this movement is captivating and inspiring. I put my heart into building my own production to emulate this spirit. I helped create a safe, comfortable space for fire performers and workshop teachers to share their gifts at small local festivals. We called ourselves Rogue City Flow Arts.

In 2019, I made the move to Portland. This city has so much to offer. I’m happy to share time with these lovely women. We are a joy to be around.

Xeolarah ‘Xoe’ Jordan is a Soprano with Trouble with Trebles.

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